Unlocking Success

Boost Your Business with Ratings

Discover how ratings and reviews impact your business. The Service Advisor platform has a unique rating system, based on multiple metrics measured while you earn. Here’s what we measure and how we calculate your ranking:

Response Time Rate

The faster you respond, the better your rate. Your response time rate is based on the average time of the last 20 requests you reacted to, compared to the reaction time of other app users

Cancelation Rate

Cancellation rate is the number of jobs you cancel, decline, or fail to serve a customer for any reason on your side out of the last 200 jobs you’ve won. If you have completed fewer than 200 jobs, your cancellation rate is based on the actual number of jobs completed. This is a stringent metric that directly affects your reputation and trust. A higher rate significantly impacts your reputation, so ensure you stay in touch with customers and try not to cancel or ignore won jobs.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Customer reviews are also important and can significantly affect your rating on both sides. They have the power to increase or decrease your customer satisfaction rate.

Claim Rate

The Claim rate is a critical metric that indicates problems with the quality of your service. The rate is calculated by dividing the total number of claims on paid jobs by the last 200 jobs completed. If you have completed fewer than 200 jobs, your claim rate is based on the actual number of jobs completed. For example, if you have 2 customer claims out of the last 200 jobs completed, your rate is 0.01.

To protect you and maintain accuracy in our ranking system, we will ignore reviews from customers who consistently leave negative reviews.

All ratings are based on your last 200 jobs. The higher your rating, the more trustworthy you become. Your ranking serves as a quality and trust indicator visible to customers when they select professionals.