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Prices of popular services

Car Wash

A mobile car wash service offers a hand wash and dry. It includes an interior wipe-down and a thorough vacuuming for a pristine interior. The service also cleans wheels and applies tire shine. Prices depend on your car type.


A mobile detailing service features a hand wash and dry, interior panel cleaning, upholstery and carpet shampooing, leather seat conditioning, protective wax or ceramic coating, and light scratch removal for paint gloss enhancement.

Dent removal

Mobile paintless dent removal is popular for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, fixing minor dents while keeping the original paint. Prices depend on the dent’s size and location, with onsite assessments providing accurate, customized quotes.

Emergency Services Pricing

Windshield replacement

The cost primarily depends on the age, type, make, and model of your vehicle. However, if your car’s windshield lacks sensors, the replacement process will be straightforward and quick.

Tire repair & replacement

Facing a puncture or worn treads? Our speedy, reliable service keeps you safely on the road. Our expert team ensures minimal hassle, peace of mind, and confidence in your vehicle’s condition.

wont start diagnostics

Car won’t start? Our diagnostic service swiftly identifies the issue, guaranteeing a prompt and efficient repair. Rely on our specialists to get you back on the road with confidence.

How much will your maintenance cost?

We value your time and want you to spend it as you wish. Maintain your car right in front of your house or office, save time, and reduce stress. Ensure your car is always ready to go.

Typical service length: 1 – 3 hrs

Tune Up $200-$500

Typical service length: 1.2 – 2 hrs

After-hours scheduled maintenance: $120-$250

Typical service length: 1 – 4 hrs

Spark Plugs Replacement $200-$1500

Typical service length: 1 – 2 hrs per axle

Brake Pad Replacement $180- $450 per axle